A Person's Christmas Eve, You Should Need the Help of the Ragnarok Online Zeny

06/05/2011 10:35


Today is a day of romance, ear ringing upbeat music, surrounded by a group of happy people, streets, restaurants, as if every corner of the world are filled with such happiness. Yes, every smile a bloom, sweet words every sentence, every jump of the notes, all to show the world the joy of the people can not be hid. In such circumstances, I should also be happy!

Yes, it's time that is happy, everyone around is happy, happy madness. Do not know why, but sad at this moment unexpected! May be too happy, sad to run out of jealousy.

The more we are happy, more in happy moments, the more people will think of the heart, like whether they have the same happiness. Began to miss the start sad and want to stay with her, afraid of her loneliness; wanted him to accompany the side, to enjoy the romantic;

Christmas Eve I thought should not be the case, are another quiet romantic: the brilliant night sky, white ground, transparent glass house, a warm fire, flickering candlelight, there are two happy people . Quietly enjoy the romantic sub-nature, they enjoy the quiet of the warm season, the quiet enjoyment of the whole world the joy, share the quiet enjoyment of the warmth from each other, are quietly to enjoy the share two sweet.

When a person is lonely, but alone is not equivalent to lonely; when a person is quiet, but quiet is not equivalent to lonely. Have your time is happy, then happiness is everywhere; there when you are happy, then happiness can not be replaced.

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