A Quiet Afternoon, You Can With the Help of the DFO Gold to Level up Quickly

06/05/2011 10:34


Winter afternoon, I sat quietly on the balcony, quietly put his head up and suppression, wait and see.

Today, good sunshine, the sun like a greedy cat tongue, like this one tenderly into my little world.

Distance, the building appears in the golden light under the noble and elegant.

Nearby, a small corner quartzite many children playing, their laughter, singing, and the amused voice carried very far, very far, and the small foot on the quartzite on the issue of the "pound" echo.

According to the sun can not go in, gloomy tunnel, the walls showed traces of an ancient and desolate, so easily, I feel the ancient atmosphere.

Looking at these kids stay downtown, I went back to childhood, back when wearing a pigtail to help run errands when the mother's, a small reminder of the many childhood partners, to join the fun during the Imagination I feel it.

Kind of fun, seems to have left me, was I lost for many years.

In the leisure of the afternoon, I sipped chrysanthemum tea and the faint fragrance around me tightly.

Very long ears ringing a "mother's little shake car" of the melody, soothing music as if mother softly singing, the sun caress my body, with the breeze like a sweet kiss.

I'm quietly enjoying the moment, those on the youth, about love, about the troubles, everything is melting in this quiet afternoon.

Go along with a quiet heart, ear tips to listen to the rhythm from this relaxation. So, inadvertently, I let this moment to a halt, fragments of childhood memories in my mind roundabout.

At this point, I like simple ideas, such as infant, no past, nor to the future, just enjoy the moment.

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