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25/04/2011 12:47


Man was a taxi driver, running around outside during the day, came home at night is exhausting. A woman happens to see him come back, always like pestering him talked. And he should be on a few times just barely.

A long time, a woman slowly mad, as usual, to buy food to cook, but very little attention to him, her temper began to become irritable. Did not run out of things for him back in place, the home failed to change his shoes, as he occasionally smoked a cigarette, for these trivial matters, women often he flies into a rage.

This day made him more depressed, and even a choking pain. He did not understand that he busted their ass out, not just to make her more comfortable about it? Why she did not understand yourself?

Lunch break one day, he and an old driver chat, talking about his disappointment in the marriage. Old driver patted his shoulder: "Brother, after the return home no matter how tired, have a chat with her cheer, not more than ten minutes is enough."

After returning home from work that day, standing in the kitchen, a woman he spoke with the team all the anecdote about his own experience a variety of passengers, and even some of the things mentioned in his childhood. Side should be a woman, while non-stop cooking.

One night, they ate, chatted, he was a never had comfortable. After dinner, he just want to reach out and clean up the dishes, a woman stopped: "I Come, You need a good rest."

That is, from that day on, he always first day home from work to accompany women to chat, persist for some time, he found, often did not talk for ten minutes, a woman took him was dark outside to catch: "run a day early tired, go and rest it. "led to his surprise, she told him more and more considerate.

Love her, then spend time with her motives, not more than ten minutes is enough.

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