2 moons: 7 days, the routes of flush 60 levels

10/12/2010 12:19


I hope we will be able to reach the high level early, experience the fun of 2 moons.

In the new one came in, I choose to be born in the castle, at this point no matter what their chosen career, holding new weapons to be out of town --- Magic of Spider kill the monster.(Although its name so majestic, red component is also a food spider) kill the monster until 5 level, the return to the city to buy books from the master and learn the skills, you can buy 2 books (a 5 level, a level 7), of course you shuold have dekaron Dil. At this time 5 skills but complementary skills, we do not yet leapfrog kill the monster, so after hitting seven active learning skills. Here is the area of leveling:

7-9: You can go to the demon prairie to hit the crawling lizard or the five harmful things spider.

Grade 9-13: Playing Dungeon whipworm.

Level 13-17: lizards or lizard warrior.

Level 18-22: Magic of the mantis, the water hopper, insect exhumation.

Level 22-35: In the storm of the original training (Molang Knight, Mo Lang Hunter, Molang fighter, Molang brave) proposes to snow team is the fastest leveling method of leveling.

Level 35-50: Ice Valley in the practice of revenge (Knight destruction, destruction of hunters, destruction Darter, destroyed fighter, destroy the brave, frost giant, the Destroyer), the fastest team training, the best place to find a fixed fight, suggest that you set a Master.

I hope these methods can help you more or less.