Advice for Holy Paladin on Gear in WOW

24/08/2010 14:29


Holy Paladin is a good profession in WOW, because it could heal other players and make WOW Gold. Some Holy Paladins like using dungeon finder to level up and get World Of Warcraft Gold so that they will have some problems in gear. Almost every piece of their gear has stamina and intellect on them, but the gears are not good any more. The following are some advice on this problem.

First, you need to follow these steps. Beacon of Light on the tank; heal other targets, never the tank. Use Flash of Light primarily; use Holy Light when extreme damage is coming in, and using FoL will mean your party members die. Pop wings when you have to plea. Divine Plea reduces your healing by 50%. Avenging Wrath will bump it up by 20%. Use Arcane Torrent when your mana is low and it's off CD. Use Divine Illumination in a fight that may be mana exhaustive.

Second, it's very often at your level, which you will be casting, almost non-stop during combat. You have no hots. You have to understand that as a Holy Paladin all of your hots are extremely powerful, effective, and expensive. It costs a lot of Cheap WOW Gold.

Third, after healing as a paladin for so long, you'll figure out when to use Holy Light or Flash of Light. Of course use Holy Shock whenever you can; do not forget about it. It's an extremely useful ability.

The above advice is quite useful for Holy Paladin to repair their gear. And if you really like it, go to enjoy this game.