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20/05/2011 13:59


Previously, I always love on Sunday after finishing my homework to brother house to play, because he and my age, so special hit it off, but my family and his home far away, so every time I go to his house takes about an hour and a half or so. To his house, play for a while, then and hurried home.

That day, I finished my homework to my grandma said 1 to brother's house, can come into hell before, bamboo in? But I hesitated, because I used to walk this road saw a giant spider, pretty horrible, but I in order to be with brother play more, or crustily skin of head got in, also conveniently brought a bamboo sticks to protect themselves.

The sight here is beautiful, I hurriedly rushed out of the pieces small bamboo forest, rushed to the small dirt mound, came to bridge, the scene before I startled: last winter the BaiNianNanYu snow bridge unexpectedly remaining half baluster also have broken the bridge, now only bare bridge deck, looks dangerous, but I told myself can't give up, I encourage yourself, on the bridge, but my feet or soft not move, but I still struggling sniper force trembling trip over, I just a step over a bridge, he immediately sat slumped in the ground, I will relax relax nerves.

I walked through the bridge, he and brother to play, and come back, I still chose the absolutely diameter, this time, I don't really afraid, because I already had a successful experience.

This "adventure", I will never forget. It is a test of courage to me.

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