Archer practice feeling

05/01/2011 10:30


Level 1-6, easily do the task just fine, I feel the game burst rate is also the guardian spirit of the prairie mission .. done, good luck to burst two can use their own equipment, then you can copy to the new recruits.

I'm used to the resurrection point in here ~ and then go out and play with no drug, died anyway, nothing lost, and faster re-enter the battle, experience is relatively high, the upgradeSoon, there could have been pretty good to rise to 25 holes after the proposal to the magic brush some mobs, mermaid like, no one would rush to upgrade is fast with the archers, then consumption is not too great, as long as you are not equippedpoor too far. Recommended hit 32 + and back here where, as elsewhere, the strange, not high not kill, that is, .32 + no experience low after the goddess of the periphery can go hunting, and what the demon child EMolang Knight and his ilk .. PS: This article feel the rate of violence is still relatively high. it is easy to play with better equipment they need if they buying dekaron Gold.

I am currently based on this level .. only to continue practicing in the following ... but it felt so cool the archers of the operational or the remote to shoot with bows and arrows, the monster close immediately after the switch to the dagger, basically two sets of skills down.Almost to a strange flutter Street.