Away Youth, Happy Unable to Retain and Get eve isk Through Different Ways

06/05/2011 10:35


"Swallows go away, come back again; willow trees, and there is green again; peach blossoms fade, they will bloom again. Why should our days never to return?

Why so happy time is always short, fleeting. But now I can not find, I was before I found, that chic, they have the girl next door is so delicate and pretty, always in that period. Never regained youth.

Why do people always remember the past, when I miss high school, college, that kind of struggle in the effort, when we graduated, and all sorts of nostalgia for college life, as if every moment in the past have left a beautiful, wait until the youth from We slip through our fingers when we suddenly found that happiness is no longer, like love, unknowingly not exist, is it too late I found you.

Do I keep up with the pace of youth, youth for whom will never stop, it will only leave our most brilliant moment, as we slowly grow old 80, has been replaced after 90, maybe youth is does not belong to us, just left them, but we are still a young man but unable to retain happy, I am still not happy.

Sometimes time can really wanted back, let me love again, let me crazy again, let me enjoy yourself, and stay in my memory the most beautiful youth, I can not forget the injury that left me young, leaving My short-term happiness. Last winter vacation home, suddenly can not see us lived footprint, home has changed dramatically, the residue has been found that a child, the only constant is that parents never on this land is still hard for us forward, but their faces have been left behind years of vicissitudes.

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