Beautiful Snow and the free realms coins

22/04/2011 13:39


Silent night, it began to snow. Patches of snow, like the goose, jade tablets, were numerous, overwhelming. Some on the tree; some on the roof; Some playfully down the neck into the pedestrian. Soon, the branches white, white roof, white road, the land put on the white snow.

A small snowflakes drifted a small river, turned into a drop of water. Hush, listen carefully, how much snow is on the small shrimp and small fishes in the river about their own experiences to experience it! You see, where they had a good time! Suddenly, and a small snow fall down from the air slowly, he crept as far as empty Tiananmen Square, has become one of the early arrivals on the ground. In this way, one has a little snow falling from the sky one after another.

The next morning, the whole earth into a snow white. School children, marching feet, leaving a small footprint all the way. Some fun for children, with both hands to the little snow piled up one after another, a fat snowman.

On the third day early in the morning, night light in the head with a drop of crystal clear water droplets, which drip beads fall from the night light on top of the head down, drop flowers in a delicate flower, the flowers suddenly become bright again. Clouds away, the tracts of white clouds in my eyes, cloudy to sunny, the ground-stemmed flowers slowly melting snow, perhaps, all the little snowflakes will melt, with tis the night a small lamp on top of melting snow, looking forward to next year's winter.

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