Berkanix Characters

16/11/2010 15:21


buy berkanix gold is sci-fi MMORPG that is free of classes, armor and level caps. Berkanix hosts 5 Characters, each with unique and customizable attributes.

Van Orvia: Stoic and cool headed strategist. A noble aligned to the Royal Bloods, but choose to join the Arcadia Parliament since her political creed coincides with them. Her highly superior political sense allows her to make an enemy her ally, berkanix online gold can help you solve the problem of trouble Result.

Razen Orpesr: A calm perfectionist and he had strong hatred for power struggles and veiled enmity. He had Van ousted from the leadership of the noble family because her goals conflicted with the families. He became famous for Anti-Parliamentary activities and buy berkanix gold will change your game life.

Mark Beltner: Careful and Cool-headed highflyer and He works at Eclair as Van Orvia secret order. His character is similar to that of Van Orvia and his only interest is fulfilling his political goals.

Debra Han: Pleasant and warmhearted researcher and she worked at the Psychic Sorcery Research Center since she was a student at the University of Colony Allies. She was put in charge of developing a prototype of the Memory Splinter after successfully inventing it. cheap berkanix gold is a store where you can exchange you game currency.

Rudy Shufeldt: A talented passive, meticulous arms man and mechanic and he started work at an arsenal through his parent’s recommendation. His meeting with Debra Han gave him a positive outlook in life and became more active in his work and berkanix money is your good choice.

While the user interface can be overbearing for a casual gamer, a veterans gamer will be impressed with the hard core elements of the game.