Best suggestioin on making money

05/01/2011 10:31


I have played this game for a long time, and get to know much and want to share with friends.

First to note is that the following purely personal point of view, for your reference.

The money now is not make easy, you should hve some good methods.

One. You can hit the cattle.At present, there are three a half cattle farm, one is at 430.460 around, where many cattle are concentrated there. Second, above the abandoned mine, and there is few cattle, and more people crossing the road. Third, 620.360 nearby, where not only cattle, as welll as foot video.

Two.Also can hit the mad dog, general distribution in the Tai Chi Jianmen, the Millennium Village, and so on. Usually a lot of people hit Dungeon Fighter Online Gold, rabies have poor defense, high attack, not only can hit Dungeon Fighter gold also can upgrade your level. But my idea is that if you are tired of playing rock giants, you can fight rabies to upgrade the levels.

Three.Playing rhinoceros.It can earn the money, at the same time you also can upgrade the levels.So there are many people. Usually there will be war.

Four. To play ninja. Play ninja can make more than 1w Dungeon Fighter Online gold with 1 hour, you can practice the wind.

Five. Magical instrument upstart: If you do not want to play Dungeon Fighter Online gold so tired, and your line speed is ok, you can go to break Tomb and fox holes, and perhaps luck is on your feet.