Confidence in EVE

16/02/2011 16:43


Do you want to earn more eve online isk in EVE? If you want, I can tell you how you do better in this game. Then you can build your confidence in it.

I have played this game for one year, so I have enough experience to teach you. Please play this game with my experience.

The first thing is you must believe that you can play this game well. And then you must buy eve isk. If you have enough money, you can buy more powerful weapons and many useful books. These books will help you know the whole game efficiently. Then you will save your own time. And then you can go to a high level. If you can buy more powerful weapons, you will do better. Please still remember you should buy eve online isk in the whole game. Then more you buy the better weapons you will buy.

In the game, you will get one map from the boss. This is a helpful thing. You can know the whole country quickly. If you can save your time, you will save your eve isk. Or you will lose your own money. This is so bad. You can not lose your money. When you go to level 18, you will get three maps. Then you can hit the bugbears on time. In this turn, you must finish these missions on time, or you will lose your own eve gold. You will also lose one life. So badly it is. If you do not want to lose anything in the game, you can buy some weapons to protect yourself. But you must change your weapons when you face different bugbears.