Daily tasks will be done

26/01/2011 16:28


let us look into what is absolutely necessary to do not miss the daily tasks, let you easily upgrade without worries.

Freeport's life - also could get experience Paolu

When you reach level 10 or above can participate in free-living training camp. Henry every NPC in Freeport will give you different things to do, Uncle Henry, to your task very simple, just to help him run errands, and rich experience, the soul of dollars in reward waiting for you. Awards will be as mission changes to your level. It is noteworthy that, players choose to give up the task of life to receive a free port, 2 hours, can not be collected. But you can give up the task, select the "donor" and "fine living cost" approach, once the end of this 2-hour time penalty. The two, every day there is only one chance.

Participate in daily Views: 30 times per day to receive

Reward: 1 every 10 times, each time to complete the task on the experience gained and the spirit of FW Gold rewards increase, completed 5 times a day and 10 respectively receive a prestigious medal.

Reading - arm themselves with knowledge

When you Kelan Meng remember more than 20 times on the mainland, you can read a free port to accept the task at Rio, reading is the only way to become a wise man. Reading books allow us to grow rapidly, more than in Kelan Meng is also the continent, armed with the knowledge that we also need the brain. Reading task, let us know Kelan Meng mainland customs at the same time more easily upgrade to get experience, and reputation can get.

Daily participation: 3 times.

Reward: Experience, reputation.