Decryption of Common Deceitful Tricks in DFO

26/10/2010 13:22


In the real world, there are many cheaters will beguile you and take money from you. In virtual world, there are also such players and they cheat Dungeon Fighter Gold from you. So players should pay attention when you use Dungeon Fighter Online Gold for exchange or other purposes. I will tell you several cheating ways so that you can caution.

Some players of low levels sell many cheap but good items. But you will find that every item in his shop is the same price. When you buy DFO Gold, you will find that the exchange amount is beyond his exchange limitation and you can get nothing from him. So before you buy things, you’d better check the prices of other items. If they are same, refuse your exchange, or you will be cheated.

If you want to pay money to attend a team so that they can lead you to upgrade, you also need to pay attention. As you attend the team, there will be someone to make exchange with you. The player is not team leader but say the same words as leader. You should see if the one is the team leader. If not, do not give money to that person, or you will be cheated.

The most common one is that sell you fake items. Before you buy items, you should have a careful look of the items. And if you cannot make sure, just refuse exchange and find another seller.