DK Square System in 2Moons

10/08/2010 13:59


DK Square in 2Moons is also a place for players to fight against each other. Through fighting, players could obtain 2moons dil, high experience and reputation. But do you really have a deep understanding of DK Square? Do you know how to make 2moons gold in DK Square? If you read the following text, you will have an answer.

Dekarons from all servers can meet each other at the very one place and experience the massive PvP battle between users. Players could buy 2Moons dil to buy good weapons to PK. Every inconvenience and discrimination happened at PVP before will be solved at DK Square. You can increase your grade with “Grade points” received from DK Square.

To enter the DK Square, Talk with Teleporters at Loa castle or Braiken Castle. Talk with the DK Square Lobby Managing NPC and select the DK Square Lobby which you like. When the Minimum of Players gets ready, the battle starts. Fulfill the mission at the same time you fight your opponents so that you can get 2moon dil and grade points to increase your grade.

Battle points are received when you defeat your opponents or monsters. Battle points are added up in your Grade points. Mission points are received when you complete the mission. Mission points are also added up in your Grade points.

If you are fond of PK, just buy cheap 2Moons dil and go to DK Square to enjoy your PK!