Each kind of ships basic function

21/12/2010 16:47


Frigate level: novice boat, shuttles, frigates, stealth Ops, electronic assault, assault ships, intercepting ships.

 Novice boat: After the build number of each character, and open the egg into the space station without a boat, the insurance company will free of charge. Weak firepower, defense under a general rate of container smaller.

In short nothing. But he is also very widespread use. For example: do transportation task, no boat nearby. Have a casual space station. No balls to open the eyes, into a space station, a boat.

 Shuttle: minimal storage, fast pace and gray often jump cheap price, to be the best time run vessel, also can carry some small items (such as some courier tasks).

Escort: warships in the universe's most expensive, fast, Picui, cheap, the best choice for novices to get started, but later the special circumstances in addition to the general usefulness.

Stealth Ops: There are two, a frigate called the secret, you can stealth transition, mainly for scanning, detection. Another ship called the stealth bomb, battle a strong, powerful surprise.

E-assault: This ship is more embarrassing, plus very good, but because of security-level constraints, their ability was not a small limit. It needs enough experience to start all of the potential. It is not necessary to buy eve isk.

Assault Ship: As the strongest security level in PVE ship, its positioning relative to clear brush lower death, bullying and other security-class ships, Egg killer is its main purpose, is cheaper.

Intercept the ship: the radius of the signal because of their low speed, high scanning resolution, with the addition on the rebound, is the best grip the boat, and the most passionate vessels.