Effective Treatment in WOW

13/07/2010 10:50


When players are in battle, effective treatment is necessary. So does cheap wow power leveling. How to control the degree of curing skills and fast wow leveling are big problems. So I would like to say something about this to you.

What is effective treatment? When A loses 1000hp in battle and he gets1250hp through curing skills, 1000hp is the effective treatment and 250 hp is the extra one. In the past, players prefer the effective treatment for it could save wow gold eu and time. But now, the attack of some Bosses is too incredible to decide when to stop their skills. And some combo damage of Bosses is so high that players need to refill more hp in case of death. In addition, some places are not of full-court AOE. All these make the effective treatment a little useless.

The figure of effective treatment is very awesome, because there are too many people use this to review the skill of treatment profession. The problem is that the refill of losing blood depends on the reaction and the injuring time of a team, and the figure of effective treatment will be different because of these reasons. So, whether a paladin is professional or not depends on the cooperation of teammates and his speed of refilling blood, not only on wow gold sale and effective treatment.

Do you agree with me? If you have any opinion same or different with me, share with me. I think that will also be useful for wow power level.