EVE: to travel about the safety of equipment

22/02/2011 16:52


When you are the new player of eve online game, the first thing you should do is to Buy Eve Online Isk.

EVE beta now, the players gradually prevalence of piracy, to travel has become a top priority security issues, the following essential equipment recommended by several travel.

Preferred escape: the core stabilizer hop song, the player is certainly lock up the pirates of a jump, lock the speed, suction power, this equipment is locked jump, guard and transport vessels and the capacitor problem as slots, there is no confrontation with the players pirates , and they can run away.

Against the choice: medium or more suction power, suction power of all ships must be equipped, in addition to the players safe area instead of having to do the task, at least under mixed loading of 0.4 1 a, the cruiser-class players are best two, so that Players piracy frigates to deal with smoke when you power over the opponent, the opponent is impossible to jump away, if you have unmanned aerial vehicles, pummeled opponents for a good meal.

Counter-weapon: ECM, the player escort cruiser or more players to deal with the pirates have to close in order to effectively avoid 500M cruiser force in the high fire damage, then, an ECM opened.

After more than two players is to deal with small-scale pirate frigate harassment of the good things, cruisers can be easily installed, but the players face large-scale piracy cruisers, jump and run on the core stabilizers hop song can basically guarantee run out.