Everyone Can be Beautiful and You Should Need the Help of the Ragnarok Online Zeny

09/05/2011 14:15


I think I'm lost. Vacantly around the city roads, I always can not find the exit. Buildings towering into the sky split with a broken face, except the young and I did not.

I stood on the embankment watching the sea, the blue waves coming to me, I deeply understand the sorrow of the banks: moved away to far, but could not move. Melancholy blue out of my eyes, past my face, I want to escape, but unfortunately do not run out.

I refused this world, I think the whole world does not love me. I have seen a painting, a child standing broad reeds, no clouds, no wind, the direction of going out, only lonely voice of the shuttle to and fro.

I also know that I alienated the love, alienated the world.

Today, she and I see the sunrise,

She smiled at me in the morning light, hold my hand and told me that the world is actually beautiful, people are in love on me: my father, my mother, and her.

I turned away, quietly wipe away tears.

I felt vaguely behind the pain, turned his head, surprised to see a pair of golden wings, originally I was one step close to love. Close to good, will know better.

When I sit on the sidelines, life is a blue pupae, when I enthusiastically embracing, life is a golden butterfly, his breakthrough in the process, emotional process of change from time to time, close to the process of the world,

The eyes of the world with love, and I so beautiful.

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