Experience on DFO

10/12/2010 12:19


1. Fight with red eye.

   A. Be separation, and the red eye will be scared to approach you, and use whirl wind to attach him at his back, whether you can make it depends on your lucky. If he does not reverse your attach, then continues to attach.

   B. Distant line attach. It mainly use whirlwind to attach closely, when the monster silver landed, take the time and use whirlwind to closely attach and hardly. If attach arbitrarily, you will definitely get lose.

2. Fight with the god of the gun.

   A. Grasped in his heart, he will normally rush over and TMS with air attach. You just use hoop to deal with the RMS, if he fly, you just attach continuously.

   B. The CD cooled time of ramble attach is 14 seconds (some ghost’s is about 13 seconds). If you remember his attach time, you can use your whirlwind to chase and attach him.

   C. Just rush over and attach hardly.

3. Devil cry.

Do not follow him in a line way, when he stop his devil step, use as much forward T as possible, and learn how to grasp the devil step. The chance of icing of ACT6 is very high, you can choose to pile up ice.

4. Expel devil

It is pretty hard to beat the advanced expel devils, but you can keep mind that he like to attach when he raise up.

I hope what I share is useful for you! And also it is good to buy some DFO Gold to get more good equipments.