Exploring Fallen Earth

30/11/2010 15:52


I’ve been struggling over the last month or so, trying to define the ways I enjoy playing Fallen Earth and I’ve not had much luck. Maybe if I just start hitting the small points, a bigger picture will form.

I first started playing and everything was confusing. Somehow I found I enjoyed this. After all, I am a clone that just woke up and realized what is happening in the world around me. Things would be confusing. Soon I escaped from the Hoover Damn and joined the outside world.

There were a lot of quests to do but I kind of felt tired of questing so I went in to town to see if I could learn more about crafting. It didn’t take long before I was questing anyway in order to learn how to craft. It seemed more interesting as the rewards were often crafting skill books which allowed me to craft more items.

I learned quite early on that pretty much anything you need can be acquired in one of 3 ways: craft it, buy it, or gather it (harvesting or hunting). This opens up a lot of doors for playing how you want to. If you like to craft, make it. If you are in a hurry, buy it. If you want some adventure, go out and find it.

The form of currency used is poker chips which I get a kick out of. Kind of makes sense really. I earned enough Fallen Earth Chips just from harvesting around town and selling the goods in order to purchase an untrained horse which I then trained with a crafting skill.