Fallen Earth gold in new ways

09/11/2010 15:56


Fallen Earth money let you play a better game. The game developer announced that it will cooperate with leading IT vendors Vivox, adding that the need in the game voice communication system. Vivox will provide Icarus Studios provides custom built-in voice communication services. buy Fallen Earth gold is necessary. By then, the game players will be able to in the game with other players for verbal communication, but also can be with their team of secret communication. All communication channels are controlled by the server to ensure that the central processing unit to minimize resource consumption. Fallen Earth online gold onto a front of the first to use heavy weapons on both sides of the buildings at its heavy reliance on, when the destruction rate rose to 100% when the map arrived at the formulation sites mixed soldier warfare. Such repeated three times in accordance with the map to the city prompted the highest one front of the building, climbed to the roof after clearance. Fallen Earth money a start and the big blame for bayonet fighting, he did not beat fast when the blood started to run he would be, followed by a group of mixed soldier appeared.

 Never mind mixed soldier first, followed by major blame in which direction to go look at him to run (this is off no map), and then come back to clean up mixed soldier. After the Qing finished mixed soldier to be during the restricted hours to sort out blame, just follow the direction of escape before him, looking down the road should not be difficult to find, found that he displayed on the map after, so looking for his eyes still constantly stare at the same time forward to looking at the map.