Fate in your hands, You Should Need Some eve gold

29/04/2011 13:20


I went to visit a friend the cause of quite a success, they chatted about fate. I asked: The fate of the world, in the end there? He said: Of course. I ask again: fate in the end is how is it? Since fate, then struggle to what purpose.

He did not directly answer my question, but smiled and grabbed my left hand, that may wish to look at my palmistry, fortune-telling to help me count. Friend told me a pass lifeline, line, business line, and so forth, then, suddenly, he said to me: his hand is good, as I like to do an action. Person's action is to: raise your left, and slowly shook and increasingly tight fist. At the end, he asked: grip yet? I have some confusion, replied: clenched.

He asked: Where is the fate of line? My answer machine: Yes in my hands. He then asked: What is the fate where are you? If I wake-up call, and suddenly: the fate in their own hands. He calmly continued: No matter how people say, whether a "fortune teller who" how you count, remember that life in their hands, not in someone else's mouth! This is destiny.

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