good memories of the RO

03/11/2010 15:53


《Ragnarok Online》,this game moves the today generation.I think a lot of the people have good memories of it .I remember that when the game just popolar, attracted many people take an active part in. It was, in retrospect, the happiest day of our life.Someone sell Ragnarok Online zeny with different ways and we save the money to buy them..

Gradually we grew in the game , and we are constantly upgrading, with the help of the Ragnarok zeny. We can look back on our career with great satisfaction.. We united and joined forces against the monster. We were experiencing from weak to strong.Every changes proved our growth., both characters in the game, or for emotionalof the RO.

For many reasons I left Ro four years ago,I think there are a lot of people to leave the game.But our feelings that has been injected to stay in there. Because Ro accompanied me through countless emotions.It is my friend,not just a game.Today when I see the word Ro,I decided to write this article.

Now with the help of my article to say hello to my brothers and sisters.Now you have more money, do not need to ask money from parents. Do you still spend the money to buy ro zeny to increase your levels.But this is no longer important now. I hope we still have had the dedication today. For the sake of our today, also for the sake of our tomorrow, let’s try our best. Just do it. GO!GO!GO!