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25/04/2011 12:47


He is all good, but is love to smoke, especially at work, a gathering chain smoker hand. Who advised him, it is no use.

She met most of his gentle woman, never made any request to him, everything down him, so the woman should be the most suitable for them. Then a year later, they married.

After marriage, he still go its own way, every day, pumping a lot of smoke, regardless of settings, tucked a cigarette, you can come to the bedroom from the living room. She is still as gentle as marriage, smoke dispersion window from time to time, from time to time Some of his lungs and cough cook soup.

That day, they treat. Her busy preparing in the kitchen, a bunch of men in the living room, while playing cards, while smoking.

Friends surprised, said: "You're pumping so much smoke at home, your wife did not scold you?"

He smiled proudly: "I'm her everything down, never mentioned requirements."

The envy of his friends, married a good wife. He smiled even more, then one is still one of the smoke.

Satiated, she packed the side dishes, while watching their high talk about wide.

Finally, the friend could not help but ask her: "He smoke so much, no matter how you control him?"

She said softly: "I just want him to have a comfortable, restrict smoking, may be able to live a decade or two, but he is not happy, what does that mean?"

A group of people suddenly silent. Including his, had always thought her character weakness, not dare to make any demands. To see who she was busy preparing the way, some of his chest pain.

Later, he could not smoke in the bedroom.

Later, he could not smoke at home.

Later, he could not smoke in front of her.

Later, he quit smoking.

Long after, she asked quitting, he hugged her and said with deep feeling: "I just want to live a decade or two, take care of you, with you getting older, this is the world's most romantic thing. "

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