Guide of Ancient Treasure Hunt in ROM

19/10/2010 10:37


In Runes of magic, players like to buy rom gold in store so that they can buy items they want with runes of magic power leveling. However, they need to make money by themselves. Finishing quests is a good way. And if you want to finish a quest, there are several ways and it all depends on what you want to get at the first place.

After paying 30 phirius coins the door is opened and you start randomly in one of the A rooms. 1 use of hide should be enough to pass the ghost soldier, take the fragment, get the flame effect, destroy barrier, retake effect if the candlestick is near and move to the B room. Green circles indicate fragments, and your first goal should be visiting all 4 A rooms and getting all 4 fragments and treasure chests and rom gold with abilities in them. On your way from A to B to A both red circles must be used. In your 2nd or 3rd play you'll already know every enemy movement paths and aggro zones.

You should collect all 4 fragments in 6 to 7 minutes. If you were lucky enough to get transformation ability, use it to get to the candlestick and then run into a secret room D, if not, use hide or shield, use the candlestick, and then run into secret room. Once you're inside room D start looting from jade treasure chest that contain runes of magic gold.

In the end, you can get treasure including money as the rewards of finishing this quest. I think it is a quite complex quest. But if you follow the above guide, it will be much easier.