Guide of Elemental Air and Elemental Earth in WOW

13/10/2010 13:14


Elemental Air and Elemental Earth are two necessary elements in WOW and are good for wow gold. If you want to buy these two items in store, it must cost certain amount of World of Warcraft Gold. So I suggest you to collect these items by yourself. The following are guide:

In the northwestern corner of Silithus, on the edges of the crystal vale, you will find two large patches of dust stormers and if the invasion is present, gray colored ones as well. You can kill these for hours and never wait for respawn, if you’re really really bored. They drop elemental air in quantity, as well as essence of air, breath of wind, warcraft gold and core of elements. The latter two are rather useless, though essence of air is used for enchant weapon agility which is very valuable and can be sold for wow money.

Luckily there is sometimes an elemental invasion in Azshara and if Avalanchion is taunting you while you fish for globes of water, head on up and destroy him. He’ll drop a handful of elemental earth as well as essence of earth which while not useful to us, can be used to generate illusion dust and greater eternal essence using only one essence combined with a powerful mojo and a thorium setting.

When you collect these items as above told, you can store them for your own use, or sell them for buy wow gold. This all depends on you.