Guide of Guildleves in FFXIV

28/09/2010 13:10


FFXIV GIL could be used to create Guildleves. Guildleves in a guild is just like our ID in real world. So we need to know how to apply for guildleves. The following are steps to get guildleves.

Speak to the appropriate NPC to obtain guildleves. Select the guildleves for the camp appropriate to your level. You can walk or teleport to the appropriate camp. Interact with the Aetheryte, select "Initiate Level quest", and choose the level you wish to do. Look over the details and confirm the Level quest. Select your guildleve difficulty from 1 to 5 stars.

You will have the option to receive a boon through the Guardian's Aspect effect. Follow the arrows on your mini-map to find your guildleve targets. Buy FFXIV Gil to finish your tasks. Kill or Harvest whatever your guildleve calls for. A tally will be kept as you progress and a warning will pop up when you have only 15 minutes remaining. Once the guildleve requirements are finished, an Aetheryte Node will appear and you can get a free teleport back to the camp where you will get your reward and bonuses depending on how well you did.

Currently, players are limited to 8 Leveplates per 48 Earth hours. Once you have started, completed or failed 8 leves, you will need to exchange the finished plates for the new ones.

The amount of guildleves is limited. So, some famous guilds have strict control of their guild member applications. But if you have enough cheap ffxiv gil, you can create a guild by yourself.