Guide of Knifing in 2Moons

13/10/2010 13:15


Knifing is a unique part of 2Moons. You need 2moons dil to obtain knife. But do you have a general knowledge of knifing in 2Moons? If you do not, I will give you a general introduction.

At first, you must purchase a knife with 2moons gold. There are currently three types of knives, one of which does not need purchasing. It is simply called the Knife. The second knife is called the Russian Machete and the third is the Gurkha Knife.

The simple yet fast knife is the second most common knife in SANA. Its skills are as follows:

The Butter Knife: Basically holding the left button and running around killing people. Mostly only noobs use it. The Right Click: This shot needs timing because the knife is not so good and the right is slow. This skill is quick and you don’t need to buy knife with 2moon dil.

The Russian Machete is a brilliant and fast knife, it has a great combo when you hold down the left button which is good for headshots especially if you headline. The right click is the fastest right click attack for knives. Which is why I personally think it’s the best knife. Left click then right click, this will create a powerful combo, if executed it will kill 100% because they won’t have chances for half shot. You can buy 2Moons dil to obtain this knife.

So after you read this guide, I think you will know how to choose a knife, free one or buy cheap 2Moons dil to get one. I think both are suitable if you can apply them successfully.