Guide of Leveling Cooking Skills in WOW

21/09/2010 11:03


Cooking is an interesting life profession in WOW. The food produced by cook could be used in wow gold or save others. If you decided to become a top cook, you need to upgrade your level and make World of Warcraft Gold. The following guide is just part of leveling cooking skills.

Level up cooking to 450. That can be much easier than it sounds. All of it except a short stretch can be easily done using only fish and readily available Northrend meats as ingredients. Lots of guides on that so won't go into it, other than to say that cooking and fishing are very synergistic: It is easy to level both, by fishing up the ingredients used in cooking.

At 350 cooking, you need to start the Dalaran cooking dailies for cooking awards which you use to buy recipes and more Northern Spices. Also, you can use cooking awards or warcraft gold to buy the cooking hat, which increases your cooking speed by about a factor of 4.

At 450, buy the FF recipe with wow money. Cooking can be leveled 1-400 in about 45 minutes, if you know exactly what you are doing and have the ingredients on hand. Unfortunately you don't. The most time you will spend is getting the recipes. The fishing skill will feed your cooking almost everything you need.

Cooking skills is connected with other skills such as fishing. You can get fresh fish to cook your food. Of course, you could also buy fish from other players with buy wow gold.