Guide of Materials Used in Crafting in Cabal

07/09/2010 13:18


Crafting is a good way in Cabal for players to make Cabal Alz, especially for those players who do not want to buy Cabal Online Alz. So, many players choose their own crafting professions such as alchemist, tailor and cook. Materials are necessary tools in crafting and I will introduce some materials below.

You can get the level 1 discs from Core Alchemist in Port Lux. Levels 2-4 are dropped by monsters. There are 5 types of Shape Cartridges. You can get level 1 cartridge from Core Alchemist. Levels 2-4 are dropped by monsters. You can get Material Cores by crushing armors and weapons with your C.A.Transmuter. You can get different cores depending on the item you crush. Of course, you could also buy Cabal Gold to obtain them.

Quartz Cores can be obtained by crushing Orbs and Crystal. The type of cores depends on the type of equip you crush. You can get Circuit Jewels by crushing Rings and Amulets.

You can get Upgrade Cores Piece by crushing upgraded or slotted equipment and Force Cores Piece are same as upgrade cores. Honor is not really a material, but you need it for some high level crafting. On lower levels you need normal + 0 white equipment you can buy in shops with Cabal Online Alz, but as you get to higher levels of crafting you'll need 1 slotted, 2 slotted, crafted or even enchanted equipment to craft.

The above materials are basic in crafting. If you are enough familiar with them, I am sure you could do your crafting better.