Guide of Warrior and Paladin in Aika

21/09/2010 11:04


When you play Aika, which profession would you prefer? Is it Warrior to win combat and get aika gold? Or is it Paladin to lead the team and buy online aika gold in store? It is difficult to make a decision. But now, I will give you detailed introduction about these two professions and I hope it could help you.

Warrior has Revitalize, which basically restores 60% of his health. His mana usage is usually less than his mana regeneration, so you'll probably see a full blue bar most of the time. You need health potions for emergency. cheap aika gold could help you.

In leveling, his medium damage and average swing rate is boring and repetitive. His mob killing rate is low, thus a slow leveler. Your role is to charge in middle of the enemy team, run through your 4 AoEs, then die.

Like warrior, Paladin has high survivability and low mana costing skills. However, she doesn't have an innate health restoring skill, which means health pots are sometimes required. Players could buy aika money to get health spots.

Your role is to carry relics and tank. As tanking, I mean run into a group of people like warrior except bash 1 person hoping that you'll life steal enough to live a few more seconds while DDs on your side kills people.

At last, you can make a comparison between these two professions and find the one you like or the one suitable for you. You can create your character and play the game with aika online gold.