Happy is Heaven, Take Things too Hard is Hell and the boi gold is Good for You

18/04/2011 15:25


"The same thing, happy is heaven, take things too hard is hell." Most people's troubles come from the selfish, greedy, and from the jealousy, competition, from demanding their own.

Whether a person is happy, is not what he has, and how he viewed his own.

Happiness is a positive attitude, is a purely subjective inner consciousness, is a spiritual satisfaction.

A man from the daily life of ordinary seek and find happiness, will find happiness.

An optimist who can become rich taste of an extraordinary day, life can become heavy and lively, can become sweet and precious time of suffering, can become tedious things simple and feasible.

Do not just go to work to earn money for the purpose; to love and forget all the others think of us belittle; to give and not to care about the availability of value in return; to exercise in people's eyes, regardless of their awkward; to sing without the need to care about people's attention.

So happy to live, to feel, to release their inner, the whole of the people to relax, let your mind focus on things you do without having all the accidents, so that the inner self are thoroughly demonstrated.

When you do not seem that you are yourself, your inner like in another four-dimensional space in another space appreciate you, your reflection, so that we will feel in paradise, life is full of happiness.

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