Heroes of Three Kingdoms Review

09/11/2010 15:57


The game itself can be split into three parts, the first part is a mixture of getting your character ready for large scale PvP while you strive for level 40. You'll spend most of your time questing for titles that add extra bonuses to your character stats. But you will find a wonderful break in the classic quest system that asks more of you than to kill ten wolves. Some examples would be protecting cargo envoys, and going fishing for rare items.

 You can also complete quests for Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold and speed your idol time meditating on the rewards for experience. The unique and historical nature of the campaigns brings a players attention anyway from the tedium of leveling and invites the chance to work with others playing the game on a more strategic level. The quest system is very balanced, there is civil and military ranking system and numerous different daily and weekly event content that keep the game fresh and rich in diversity while getting a "feel" for the game play , not buy HOTK Gold.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms is free to play but it does feature a marketplace where you can gain items for double experience rewards. Also there is a large selection of fashion and items to have marriages inside the game, these also reward titles that allow you to become more powerful.