Hope it can help you more or less

16/02/2011 16:43


FW Gold is beneficial in Forsaken world. If you are a gamer of this game, you must want to own more. This information is only a summary about Forsaken world, if you are interested in it; I sincerely hope this article can help you more or less. A reborn system, idea to how it would work:

Rebirth is like reincarnation. Your character is born again as whatever class you like. However, memories from your character previous life linger, granting you additional powers, skills and abilities from your old class. Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more Battle Power, higher abilities, better skills and visual glamour.

Everyone is complaining about market, might be a helpful solution for everyone to make money or it will just make the market worst by making people leave since they do suck damage and get hit for massive damage. My opinion is that they can wear items 10 level above max.

So much talk about Item with level restriction never had an own topic so I am making one. So many mix reviews so leave your vote and post your opinion. Maybe it will actually fix game and keep low levels that are leaving game because they can not do anything.

When you reborn you are able to get 1 High S rank item of your choice. You will have a natural 20% damage reduction. A special glow or aura around your body to show you are a reborn character. When you reborn you can choose a different class to reborn too.