How to Calculate Health Points in Dofus

05/10/2010 14:33


Health Points simplifies the health condition of players. If they are sick, they need to buy kamas to eat medicines so that they can recover to healthy. So the right way of calculating health points is also important in playing Dofus. It can help you save Kamas.

Previously, players earned 10 health points per level from level 100. These gains were put in place to make progression beyond level 100 attractive and to offset the significant increase in the potential damage of characters higher than level 100. This form of calculation seems no longer suitable because it emphasizes the wide variation in power between characters that have not yet passed level 100 and other characters. So the game applies a gain of 5 health points per level from level 1. Players could extend their health points with Acheter des Kamas.

This major change will bring a significant gain in the number of health points for all characters in the game, but these gains will be much more significant for characters below level 100. This modification will reduce power differences between the characters below and above level 100 respectively. It also allows for longer, more tactical PvP clashes and reduces the importance of initiative in PvP. In addition, it is also good for achat kamas.

If players have more health points, they can work more, fight more and make more money. It is not only good for players, but also good for game itself, isn’t it?