How to Farm Gold by Looting in Runes of Magic

05/10/2010 14:38


We all have the common sense that looting is a bad and illegal thing. But looting rom gold from mobs is not the same thing. By looting, you do not have to buy rom gold to get something you need. And here I will give you some suggestions for looting.

Basically here the idea is to loot everything out of 2 reasons. First, to sell the loot either to npc shops or in AH or to simply use the item looted. Second, by looting mobs will spawn faster and thus you can kill more not to mention if someone else is farming beside you he will be able to farm as well.

If you need something, you can loot it and if you don’t but don’t want to waste such a nice item you can try to sell it for runes of magic gold. You open the loot menu and don’t loot just stand there with it open and shout either in world chat or in zone that you want to sell the item for runes of magic power leveling if you are lucky you get a buyer. Invite him in party tell him to come to you and when he is next to you loot the item. After he pays you will press the pass button and you just made a nice amount of cash from a tiny little mob.

So, that is it. Are you interested in it? If you are, you can have a try. And I believe you will love it.