How to Get a Pet in Runes of Magic

27/07/2010 14:33


Pet is an indispensable friend to human beings, so does in the virtual world. Players are likely to fight accompanied with their pets so that they can get more Runes Of Magic Gold. So let me tell you how to get and feed up pet in Runes of Magic.

Go to Logar, look for Matt Sorrun (pet hunter) 49.2, 41.0, directly opposite auction house so to speak. Read all the info, and then go to Miller's Ranch. Speak to the NPC in front of you, read the info (love reading hey) get a trap etc. He will tell you to use it on the wooden plank behind you. It’s the tree stump so to speak, you can click on it, will put the trap down and meat will appear on it, and then a wolf will appear. I killed the wolf and got an egg.

Open pet menu (beside your char pic top left hand corner) at the top you will have breeding slots, click and drag the pet to one of the breeding slots. Seems you can have up to 6 totals.

Right hand side shows attributes etc. Click on skills, here you get to choose skills for your pet which be active once summoned. If you speak to the pet hunter, you can buy various foods with ROM Gold for your pet. This is a good idea to raise loyalty and nourishment.

Besides this way, you could also Buy Runes Of Magic Gold to buy a pet egg. Pets also have different attributes, so owners must feed up pets according to their attributes. And in the end, have good time with your pets in Runes of Magic!