How to Improve Combat Skills basically in Dofus

24/08/2010 14:30


Last week, I have summarized part of tips on improving combat skills. And this week, I will continue. No matter what profession you are, you need to buy Dofus Kamas in store so that you can buy good armor, good weapons and good medicines. Now let’s begin.

If you are killed unfortunately when you are leveling, you will be sent to the rebirth place. So you need to walk to your original leveling place. After your death, the energy you have will be decreased. The higher level your combat are, the more energy loss you have to bear. Your Dofus Kamaswill not be decreased. So, the conclusion is that try to decrease your death times.

After every combat, make sure your hp is added fully. You could also click SIT to fill your hp automatically. You could buy Kamasbuy breads. There are various breads which has different hp amounts. You could use it according to your actual situation. Go to NPC and buy breads with certain money. to

When your level is upgraded, you will have the responding game points and skill points. You can acquire new skills. If you are devoted to production, you could add all your game points to Strength so your character could work longer. Skills points could be used level your attack skills.

Remember the above tips because I think they are really useful. As a newbie, you need to absorb other’s experience so that you could play your game well.