How to Level Up without New Quests When You Reach Level 32 in Aika

03/08/2010 10:48


If you have played beta edition of Aika, you must know that there is no more quest when you reach level 32. However, it costs a lot Aika Gold and experience to level up. So you need to finish blood clans quests or FB until level36.

Of course, it is not correct to say that there is no task in level 33, 33 and 35. Tasks are so little that they cannot provide enough exp points for players to level up. So I will tell you how to level up.

When you reach level 14, do not go to finish tasks, just go to Mushroom 4 to repeat tasks until you are level 16. When you are level 18, you could go to Warehouse of Button to repeat tasks to level 20. It is easy to reach level27 and make Aika Online Gold through completing tasks. Then you could go to West Wind Magic Circle to go on mainline tasks until you get a map to oasis. You will come across a repeat task which has 8000 exp points as rewards. If you have double cards, you could reach level 32 easily.

Now, the previous undone tasks can serve as ways for players to level up from 32. The previous preparation is ready for this moment. You could also Buy Aika Gold to make your leveling more smoothly.