How to Make Dofus Kamas in Dofus

06/07/2010 14:44



In most games, dofus kamas and dofus poewr leveling are very important. So how to make cheap dofus kamas is a hot topic for players to discuss. I make a summary of my game experience and write the following sentences.

First of all, there are some requirements. You should be Archers in this game, and has three accounts, every one of which should be no less than level 21. In addition, all of your three accounts should have at least one suit of Global set in equipments. When these three accounts level up to 31, make sure that they all have a suit of Global set. In the aspect of attribute points, you need to have 100 attribute points. You could also buy dofus kamas to get this.

When you are level 1 to level 4, please add Vitality continuously. When you are level 4 to level 20, please all add strength. After level 20, please add you intelligence points with the initial N. In the aspect of skill points, you could add Magic Arrow all the way from level 1 to level 11. When you are level 11 to level 21, please add Burning Arrow all the way.

Then attack all monsters in the coordinates 9-12 and 10-12. The monsters in this two instance map distributes all in one line, so three senior accounts are arranged at the first three spaces in the battle scene and use Burning Arrow to attack monsters in turn.

The above is just my experience, and if you have more good ways, please share with me.