How to Make Money by Alchemy in WOW

18/08/2010 13:37


Many players think it is difficult to make World Of Warcraft Gold, no matter what profession you are. But I think alchemy is much easier. So here I will give some suggestions to players who choose alchemy to get WOW Gold.

First, if you are a herbalist at the same time, go out and farm the herbs. Usually doesn't take too long, and if you are a DPS you could always farm during your LFG wait times. That or just play some music and spend an hour or so farming. You will usually get a few frost lotuses in that time. Then just make the flasks and get even more profit.

Second, if you are too lazy to work or scan the auction house for prices and putting up items, you will want to become an Xmute master. This allows you to crit gems. So if you want to make around 100g a day with the chance of getting 200g - 500g some days, go xmute mastery. You will only have to buy Cheap World Of Warcraft Gold to get mats for gems. Make sure you look up which mats are cheapest and which gem will make you the most profit. If you want to work but make much more, go Elixir Master. This allows you to make 2 - 10 flasks each time.

I think, if you pay attention to the above two tips, it will be easier and convenient for you. So, follow my tips and you will get what you want in WOW.