How to Solo TBS in Atlantica

19/10/2010 10:36


When players are eager for atlantica gold, exp points, and good equipments, they often choose to solo finishing quests. Actually, solo could give you Atlantica Online Gold, it is also difficult and full of risks. Here I will give guide of solo TBS in Atlantica.

You need a couple of traps to make it easier, not necessary but speeds up the things a lot, 1 trap for the first 4 mobs and 1 for the 2 cannoneer after the fence. It will take 2-3 runs and Atlantica power leveling till you learn how to pull mobs into traps but once you do that it will work very fast.

If you go on the far left you can pull only the boss and 2 of his add. Cannoneer add might give up on the chase and go back, if not ballista it to death. Swordman add can pass trough fence while boss won’t be able so easy kill. Then just use the catapult to kill the boss if you don't wanna use your mercs. Then I usually attack them with all until they go low on health then just move them south of the fence for healing while I keep shooting it with the catapult.

If you're low on might you might fail first 2-3 runs till you get the hang of things like where to put traps where to scroll to remove enemy traps but once you learn it you can do 95 and 70 and get 1380 silver coins or week without high upgrade costs I might add.

Before you go into this quest, you can also Buy Atlantica Gold to do preparation. I think if you can do full preparation, you will get more in return after you finish this task.