How to Start Death Knight in WOW

27/07/2010 14:32


When you choose a profession in WOW to earn World Of Warcraft Gold, Death Knight is really a good choice. But there are lot things you need to pay attention to when you play this profession. The following are the guide of starting Death Knight and get WOW Gold in WOW.

At the very beginning, the story says that you gave your life to protect your people against the scourge, but you were killed and taken by the Lich King to serve him for eternity. The first thing you see as a Death Knight is The Lich King, flanked by two ghostly Val’kyr Battle-Maidens. He informs you that as part of the scourge, you will wipe out the Scarlet Crusade and destroy the Argent Dawn at Light’s Hope Chapel. You must begin training immediately, so you are instructed to take a teleporter down to the 2nd floor of Acherus, and find Instructor Razuvious.

This game has instanced sections of the progress through the campaign, so all the Death Knights on a particular phase are on the same level of progress. Blizzard have clearly taken care to avoid the situation that arose in Hellfire Peninsula, where dozens of us had quests to kill the same mobs or named NPCs, creating queues of players waiting for their chance to collect their quest item. Horde and Alliance are also on separate instance servers, on the beta anyway, so there is no trouble with PvP, although Archerus is a sanctuary zone like Shattrath anyway.

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