How to trade in BERKANIX?

30/11/2010 15:52


As everybody knows, life in the game is same with that in real world. Like our human beings, a player also needs to know how to get what they want. Trade, as a survival means, plays an important role. You can make berkanix gold by exchanging with other players. By trading, you can buy some props, weapons, or other items needed. So it is necessary to know clearly how to trade in BERKANIX. Now, I will make a simple introduction here. You can exchange weapons, armor, Guild wars Gold, and other props in the trading window. You can click to select one player, and then a trading/exchange button will appear beside his name in the picture. Click this button to make an exchange. If you would like to exchange with this player, click the trade exchange, then a trade window is open. Drag one or more props that you want to exchange into the trading bar. Click “cancel” to cancel the trade and close the trading window. You can give props to other players too. The exact means is same. Drag the props into the trade bar, click “trade” and “accept” to complete it. You don’t need to put any prop or Guild wars Gold into the price bar. When you are making an exchange, a reminder will appear in the trading picture. If you want to trade berkanix gold, drag the prop of gold, and then use the increase /decrease arrow to offer the quantity of gold or input the figure into the quantity bar. Of course, if you want to trade stack props, just drag it out and then use the arrows to increase/ decrease the quantity, or input a figure that you want to trade.