Hunting Rare Mob in WOW

10/08/2010 13:57


Hunting mobs is a necessary job when you play WOW, for you can get wow gold and high experience volumes. Among all mobs, rare mobs are more difficult to hunt and the World of Warcraft Gold you can obtain is also higher. Here, I will tell you something about hunting rare mobs.

With the new Achievement system, there are four exploration achievements for killing a rare, two for killing ALL the rares. When that rare pops up on your screen your heart starts beating and the excitement rises. It’s not something you can just decide to do and do. It takes patience, planning and practice. Each rare mob drops a Bind on Equip blue item that usually sells well in the Auction house. Northrend rares also drop a satchel that contains a large amount of warcraft gold and cloth.

The rares, once you find them, sometimes put you on a merry chase through the zone while you try to find a safe spot to land and kill them, all before anyone else does. Also, the items they drop are usually comical in nature, like The Seat Cushion of the Thief or when you kill the one-eyed beholder, he will give you a Beholder’s glass eye which makes one of your eyes glow pink when equipped.

Players usually obtain good equipment, strong armor and wow money through hunting mobs, especially rare mobs. So it is more important to have a good knowledge about it so that you can get your buy wow gold easier and easier.