I like playing DFO in my recreational time

16/02/2011 16:42


I like Dungeon Fighter gold in the game which called earthrise. I want to keep more and more. This is really interesting for me. I like playing this game in my recreational time for fun. I have not heard about this game before. My brother played this game for a long time. He told me it is the newest of all games. If you have a try, you will love it. He said. So I began to have a try.

When I enter this game, I felt the whole ground is very true. The screen of it is very beautiful. It is really attractive. So I played it at once. My brother told me I must buy DFO Gold when I began to play. I think maybe it is very important for every player. I still remember I did not watch the map first time, and then I lost so much time. I do not hope this thing will occur. So I watch the map carefully.

In the whole game, every player should finish the missions in it. Some missions are suitable for new players. As I have no enough experience, I just choose sample missions to finish. And I can earn cheap dnf gold from these missions. But when I go to a high level, I must finish the difficult missions. There are many bugbears in them. I have to attack them and protect myself. If I do not pay much attention to them, I will lose my life and DFO Gold. I do not hope this thing will happen. So I press the keywords quickly.

I am really like playing this game.