If The Four Seasons Have Color and the 12sky2 gold is Very Useful for You to Play This Game

25/05/2011 13:30


There are four seasons a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. If the season is color, then you know what they are the colors?

Spring, it is in color. Lawn, green grass lovely child looked curiously at this beautiful world. Set off by grass, a nameless flower colors, like a beautiful carpet of grass, the colorful top. Pear white, many white flowers in the butterfly dance.

Summer is the season of green and red. Hot summer, is the most flourishing period of the trees grow. You see, row after row of leafy trees and erect a straight body, they are holding hands, like the intimacy of the twin brothers. They started the crown, so that the cool shade of the street. The lotus pond is not far behind, and taking petals. With a breeze, a blossoming lotus dance. Round pots, shining like a lotus leaf green, fish pond cover for the burning sun. Summer is the best green and red colors.

Fall, of course, color! You see uncle farmers enjoy the joy of harvest. Doubled up laughing sorghum, cotton, hung his head shyly. The peach orchard, ripe peaches hanging in the branches. Of grapes hanging on the vine, and apple dressed in bright red clothes. Autumn is so colorful.

In winter, of course, silver. In the north, snow wearing a white dress, lightly dancing silently to the earth. Tenacious pine trees covered with snow; houses put on the white hat. All silver. Step on the white snow, just like standing on a silver radiance of the blanket, growling sound. Winter is how soft silver-white.

Four seasons, each with different characteristics, but also should have different background colors.

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