In the Day of Chasing the Dream

08/04/2011 12:33


Every time a butterfly, are tempered with darkness and pain. In days of chasing the dream, it never idle.

Caterpillars, this humble life, nature seems to feel its existence, but it has never been so depressed, it has a beautiful dream - to become a butterfly. It pursues, distractions.

It cocoon, and when it realized all this, excited, from the bottom of the streams with blood, and tore heart crack lung of painful.

It hit with a soft head to the thick cocoon, once, twice, three times, thick cocoon silk was not moved, it grain growth a trifling reminiscent of depressed, it thought his life will end at this cocoon.

Suddenly, it saw the past of their own, the persistent pursuit of his dream, as if a bouquet of sunshine, fired into the dark abyss of its heart. At the moment, it sees the future of their own - that in flowers, butterflies dancing brook.

It continues to impact the head with a soft thick cocoon, once, twice, a hundred times, thousand times, it believes that it will break through the darkness, the sight again.

Gradually, it felt a pain in the back, it knows, the dream will be within reach, he endured the pain like a tear, hitting harder.

Life and death, success and failure, in an instant freeze-frame, another round of impact, it did not hit anything, it slowly opened his dim eyes, which saw a long absence, the sun, the sun poured, illuminates That colorful Butterfly and its light in the air to flow, in the flowers, small stream dance.

A butterfly, is a matter of envy and amazement of the results, it is a painful process and hone. Chasing the dream of the day, it never slack off, and finally with dream to dance.

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