In This Autumn, Maple Leaf Red, With the Help of the ForsakenWorld Gold, You Can Level up Quickly

23/05/2011 16:17


All say autumn is the season of sentimental, all say autumn is separation of time.

I walk in the mountains, the mountains, the autumnal we will every leaf, seems to have red dyed with exuberant vitality to the burning of the wind, flying in lonely house, make public life stuck-up.

On the way down, some vacant, doubt the exam I will ever pass well. Although just months exam, but as an assessment before midterm exam. Since the early on, I have never entered grade 10, every face teacher sigh, parents of disappointment, and again but confident attempt eventually failed. Cold harvest

Don't want to go to learn what, also don't want to go to fight.

Red maple leaf, from books, light break out, lightsome ground every now and then in the room. It isn't a fast motion traces, extremely slow, also very firm. Clearly the survival of life had from trees, however, the slice of red, but not weaken the demise of with life.

Unconsciously, my attention was perfectly dancing maple leaf and attract, unexpectedly devote themselves to the left seat, in room chasing it a trace of movement and came to the desks.

Unscrew the lamp that shield an eye, I finally still took out the workbook and draft this, began to seriously calculus exercises. Flying nib, asing if is a gorgeous dance.

The room filled with brilliant red.

This fall, maple leaf fluttering, take all the gloom and always, all dyed red, gorgeous, beautiful.

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